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Published by Fast SincereSep 27,2019

Flexible Pouch Packaging Material Reveals Secret

Many times we only know that there is flexible pouch packaging, but we don’t know what mate...

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Published by Fast SincereSep 26,2019

Do You Know What the Hole in the Coffee Bean Packaging Is?

If you often buy freshly roasted coffee beans yourself, you will find that there is a button-like...

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Published by Fast SincereSep 25,2019

Custom Coffee Bags Process

How to light the product? In fact, it is to make the outer packaging eye-catching, whether you ar...

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Published by Fast SincereSep 24,2019

Advantages of Spouted Pouches

Spouted pouches is a flexible bag with a horizontal support structure at the bottom and a nozzle ...

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Published by Fast SincereSep 23,2019

What is the Role of Food Packaging Bags?

What is the role of food packaging bags? To understand the role of packaging bags, we must first ...

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Published by Fast SincereSep 04,2019

Classification And Advantages Of Standing Pouch

There are many types of the standing pouch. If classified according to technology, they can be d...

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Published by Fast SincereAug 26,2019

10 Amazing Advantages Of Flex Packaging

There are several important reasons why the popularity of flex packaging continues to increase a...

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Published by Fast SincereAug 19,2019

What is the process of custom packaging bags?

It is undeniable that custom packaging bags occupy a very important position in many production-o...

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Published by Fast SincereAug 09,2019

Why do coffee bean bags use one-way exhaust valve packagi...

Why are coffee bags different from other product packaging bags? Today, coffee bean packaging ma...

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Published by Fast SincereJul 19,2019

What is the best viscosity of the ink during gravure prin...

In plastic gravure printing, how to control ink printing viscosity is a very important problem. ...

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Published by Fast SincereJul 12,2019

20 Years Flexible Packaging Specialist – Fast Since...

Fast Sincere is a Flexible Packaging Factory established on 2002, specialized in BOPP block botto...

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Published by Fast SincereJun 28,2019

Patented Machine to Produce Block Bottom Bags

BOPP Block Bottom bags are a popular packaging for candy, chocolate, Christmas gift, bread etc al...

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