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What is the process of custom packaging bags?

5,761 Published by Fast Sincere Aug 19,2019

It is undeniable that custom packaging bags occupy a very important position in many production-oriented enterprises. Many food factories, garment factories, hardware factories, electronics factories, and cosmetics factories all need large quantities of exquisite packaging bags, but in many cases existing packaging bags are not satisfactory, or the quality is too bad, or the product upgrade requirements cannot be met. custom packaging bags are needed to meet the needs of business development.

custom packaging bags

How is the process of custom flexible packaging?

I believe that many companies want to know. Today, the professional flexible packaging manufacturer Jiecheng Packaging will fully interpret the process of custom flexible packaging.

1.Packaging bag planning documents

Some companies have UI planners or have cooperation with other planning companies. In this case, the company can hand over the planning drawings to the packaging manufacturer, and the packaging manufacturer will carry out color printing and layout planning. However, some enterprises do not have a UI planner. In this case, enterprises need to pre-save the case and provide it to the packaging manufacturer for planning.

Everything that needs to be prepared will vary from industry to industry, but it will be similar. It mainly contains the necessary printing information: product name, logo, trademark, main ingredients (can be named by formula, food formula), product registration barcode, net content, producer information (including the full name of the manufacturer, license number and address), QS logo or The certificate number (the implementation of the CS logo in 2017), the product standard number, the storage method, and the application method. If there is an allergen or unsuitable use, it is necessary to mark the matter, and the size of the bag, the bag to be used. Bag type and raw materials, the direction of the package film roll, the common theme color, the corporate culture overview, the commonly used background image and the theme that you want to embody.

The above information must be carefully checked and there must be no typos. The package manufacturer then plans and submits the planned drawings to the customer for confirmation. The customer needs to carefully check the above information again.

Packaging bag planning documents

2.the package printed copper plate

The packaging pouches manufacturers will make the printing and layout and the printing version according to the planning drawings, raw materials and process requirements. This takes about 5-6 business days.

the package printed copper plate


The printing speeds of different devices are different, and the printing effect is also different, among which the high-speed machine has the highest printing power. Gravure printing means that the text and pattern of the original are made into a printing plate, and the ink is printed on the surface of the printing plate, and the image on the printing plate is transferred to the surface of the printed material by pressure, and is accurately and largely reproduced. The same printed matter as the original, the printing is also printed and printed.

Printed packaging bags


The basic principle of plastic composite flexible packaging: each material has different advantages and disadvantages, through the medium (such as glue) to bond two or more layers of materials together, so that the packaging film, bag to achieve better performance technology. This technology is called in the production process: compound process

compound packaging bags


The purpose of curing is to speed up the curing of the glue between the materials.

ripening packaging bags


The printed and composite materials are cut into the specifications required by the customer.

cut packaging bags

7.bag making

The slitted and compounded roll film is placed on a corresponding bag making machine to form a bag, and various bags required by the customer are prepared. We can make a variety of bag types: opp cellophane bags, kraft paper bags, coffee bags, laminating film roll, standing bag, octagonal bag, zipper bag, nozzle bag, etc.

packaging bags-bag making

8.quality inspection

Raw material inspection before storage, online product inspection

Print inspection – residual solvent, set, etc.

Composite inspection – composite strength, air bubbles, wrinkles, etc.

Paper bag inspection – sealing strength, scale deviation, etc.

Product inspection before shipment

When Jiecheng Packaging conducts a quality inspection on the packaging bag, it will remove all the divergent products, and the products will be shipped from the factory. Only qualified products will be packaged.

packaging bags quality inspection

In general, the custom printed packaging bags process is divided into the above 8 steps. From the date of confirmation of the planning drawings, the delivery can be completed in about 7-15 working days. If the order quantity is large, it is necessary to extend the construction period.

If you would like more useful information on the production of flexible bags, you can contact us at [email protected]. We are happy to share more useful information with you.

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