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Why is Kraft Paper Pouch So Popular?

977 Published by Fast Sincere Nov 20,2019

Kraft paper bags are not strange to us, because the kraft paper pouch are also in the market, and when we mention the kraft paper pouch, I believe that the kraft paper in the old TV is emerging in the minds of the people. The ancients used kraft paper to directly wrap the food, kraft paper pouch naturally looks like a warm nostalgic feeling. In recent years, it has quietly smashed a retro style. Whether it is the fashion world, the songs, the film and television industry, everyone is reminiscing about the classics, reproducing the classics, and now the kraft paper pouch are widely distributed. Loved by consumers. This also explains why kraft packaging is so popular.

Why is kraft packaging so popular

Product packaging should be combined with the current popular culture to convey the brand image in a way that is more acceptable to people. Because kraft paper has a special natural color, compared with other effects that can be achieved through complex printing processes, kraft paper pouch can be processed through simple processing. Printing can achieve unique visual effects, it can be said that product personalized packaging has become an important sales highlight.

kraft paper pouch

Moreover, the kraft paper pouch material has small stretchability, is not affected by heat and light, and has better stability; the opacity of the paper can be concealed and isolated, so that some products cannot be seen from the outside of the package, satisfying people’s curiosity about snacks; The paper packaging material also has good air permeability, softness, strength and controllable tearing properties; the kraft paper pouch has good elasticity and toughness, and can protect the packaged object well; the paper is also lightweight and diverse. Characteristics. These characteristics meet the consumer’s demand for casual snacks, and are closer to the consumer’s heart, making the consumer feel more intimate.


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