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Four characteristics of printing and packaging materials

2,216 Published by Fast Sincere Jan 08,2020

1.Protection performance. First of all, packaging materials must have certain mechanical strength. Different products have different requirements for packaging materials. For example, food packaging bags must fully comply with food packaging hygiene standards. That is, the packaging material does not migrate with toxic substances, and is non-toxic, odorless, and odorless. In addition, the nature of the contents needs to be clarified. For moisture-proof packaging, vacuum packaging, and inflatable packaging, it must have the function of blocking water vapor and oxygen in the environment from penetrating into the packaging bag and preventing the inert gas in the bag from leaking out.

food packaging bags

The packaging of quick-frozen vegetables and frozen foods must be resistant to low-temperature freezing. The microwave-sterilized food packaging and packaging materials for making “steam bags” are required to have the function of resisting high-temperature cooking without shrinking and deforming.

For oil-containing food packaging bags, it is required to have the functions of air tightness, oil resistance and resistance to ultraviolet penetration. For skin packaging and shrink packaging, plastic films must have a certain shrinkage tension.

Packaging for tea, pills, biscuits, etc. needs to be highly moisture-proof, air-tight, and light-shielding to maintain its original flavor.

For packaging of fresh vegetables and fruits, if it uses moisture-proof and gas-barrier packaging materials, it will bring side effects, because vegetables and fruits need a proper amount of oxygen to keep them fresh.

food packaging bags

2.Operational performance. For plastic food packaging bags printing materials, it must first have printability, or it can solve the problem of printing fastness after pretreatment, and it must have certain rigidity and stiffness, which can be adapted to automatic packaging by packaging machinery, and suitable for mechanical sealing by heat sealing. , Bag making.

3.Delivery and storage performance. The packaging must have a certain endurance strength, and it is not easy to be damaged when it is subjected to general pressure in the circulation field. The shape of the packaging should be easy to pile up and occupy less space and other properties.

4.Promotional performance. Food packaging bags styles should be novel, decorative and printed colors should be bright and generous, in line with the hobby of the sales area, have market competitiveness. In addition, it is required to be free of static electricity, so as not to be contaminated by dust.


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