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What details should be paid attention to in the design of food packaging bags?

2,204 Published by Fast Sincere Jun 11,2018

Different products require different packaging products, which is a property of packaged goods, food packaging design is also so, food packaging design has unique characteristics. Regardless of the unique characteristics of the packaging design for any product, each food consumer enterprise is applicable. In food enterprises, food packaging design will affect consumer awareness of commodities, so be sure to pay attention to this point. As an important branch of commodity design, packaging design is an area of great concern in the industry, and what details should be paid attention to in the design of commodity food packaging? The first packaging design to stay rainy Express mainly express the appeal of today’s packaging, the interest of the picture, as well as commodity general and civilized inorganic combination of three aspects.

In addition, packaging refinement is also a good packaging indispensable important elements, mainly include: first, the delicate color, the second is the exquisite design, the third is the exquisite packaging manufacturing, three indispensable. In a word, packaging design, to revolve around a theme, from the whole, from the big idea, with the refined, characteristics, aesthetic criteria, fit the characteristics and consumption of goods. In the suspension of food packaging design, it is best to use the combination of different design methods, the maximum limit of the performance of food characteristics, you can let consumers of this kind of food seizures, so as to improve the desire to buy goods, just so talented enough to help food enterprises do a good job of publicity, fully promote the effectiveness of food packaging products. Second packaging design pay attention to color color gives a special impression, so as a designer, you must understand and color communication, understand them, through the color to express his design ideas. Color, as an important component of design, is also used to convey certain information about the function of a product. More than 80% of the information from the visual, assuming that the designer of the packaging color control and use can directly reflect the intrinsic characteristics of the goods, this commodity can become the preferred commodity for the buyers. According to the inherent color of the commodity or the property of the commodity, the use of general color is an important trick to design color.

such as cakes and snacks, such as food packaging, tea, coffee, whisky, beer and other beverages with more tan, lemon shampoo food packaging design into lemon. These use the color of the product itself in the color of the packaging to reproduce, is the most can give people the association of objects, so that the intrinsic items have a basic concept of the impression. Of course, there are also the phenomenon of the opposite, some Design Master bold use of color contrast, to achieve better and more extraordinary effect, but the assumption of a poor sense of propriety, it will backfire. Third packaging design pay attention to the combination of pattern and pattern to think from three aspects: one is the way of organization, the other is the theme of expression, and the third is the style of display. In the organization, the use of more geometric composition, general composition, as well as a representational or physical composition. At present, the use of geometric or general composition, more for cosmetics or daily necessities. And the structure of the image or physical, in the food packaging is most prevalent. Some simply put the packaging open a window, or the use of transparent plastic bags, directly let people see the inner items. In the expression of the subject, although the manner of performance is different, but the purpose is very clear. In the combination of methods, some to highlight the main text, and some prominent in kind, but also some of the two integrated. Whichever way you take it, you will need to contact the inner object to show the xianmingxing of the subject. In the theme of expression, should also pay attention to cut complex on Jane, no matter is the text or pattern, trying to achieve a single pattern, the theme prominent, simple and crisp.

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