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How much do you misinterpret plastic packaging? Not it pollutes the environment, but we do not know how to dispose of!

617 Published by Fast Sincere Jun 12,2018

The general nature of plastic packaging has been plagued by the media’s one-sided negative reporting. But from the ecological point of view, the polymer packaging disposal scheme compared to other packaging materials have many advantages. Of course, a suitable collection and recovery system is a prerequisite for this programme.

The discussion about packing demand in mass media is very superficial and one-sided, especially the plastic packaging is treated as dross and it is also related to marine pollution. It is said that plastic packaging will waste resources and thus damage the entire environment. Ideally, plastic packaging has a lot of advantages, it is not only a waste of resources, but also has super high recyclable. Good merchandise Maintenance Add CO2 emissions all packaging the most sustainable is its maintenance function, especially in food packaging, plastic packaging excellent oxygen barrier function so that many food shelf life can be extended. At present, a study in this regard indicates that the plastic packaging of food rarely become dross, due to its freshness period has lost its extension. Optimized packaging will add the amount of discarded food discarded by decaying food can be a great pollution to the environment. For example: Consumption of 1 kg of beef will attack about 14 kilograms carbon dioxide. The better the meat is packaged, the less it can become scum. Therefore, good commodity maintenance helps to maintain climate and environment. According to FAO, a country of the union, 1.3 billion tonnes of food each year are corrupted by the absence of suitable plastic packaging materials. Many of the poorer countries are starving for this reason, while richer countries are pushing for a demand moratorium, with only European households discarding 70 million tonnes of inedible food a year. Re-furnishing not only constitutes a consumer’s economic loss, but also seriously pollutes the environment. Therefore, packaging materials can be extended to the shelf life to better maintain food, thereby clearly adding carbon dioxide emissions. Lightweight material saves resources in particular, plastics can save resources when comparing the suspension of packaging materials. In addition, the plastic packaging part accounted for 63%, the other 37% use other materials, but the plastic part of the weight accounted for only 24%, while the other materials weight accounted for more than three-fourths, this is because plastic packaging than other packaging materials much lighter. Packaged goods save a large quantity of fuel in the transport chain, and plastic packaging will become lighter.

According to GVM, a market research firm in Mainz, Germany, for 1991-2013 years, the plastic needed to consume the same amount of packaging is 1 million tonnes less than before, with a cup weighing 4.7 grams and 360 days a year, equivalent to saving 565 million yogurt cups a day. An example of a daily saving of material equivalent to 565 million yogurt cups is a description of another expanded form of plastic packaging. A few years ago, the 7 grams of yogurt Cup is now only 3.5 grams. Through the addition of materials, plastic packaging saves raw materials and power and other precious resources, which is why the global consumption of mineral oil only 1.2% for plastic packaging, this is not a waste of resources. Collection and recycling systems are prerequisites in Germany, plastic packaging is also seen as one of the sources of pollution of the ocean. But the ideal is not so. In Germany, a large number of recycling systems have been in existence for many years and are now a global coincidence. Every citizen can collect plastic packaging from the yellow dross bag or dross barrel and suspend the recycling. Since almost every German citizen is in this position, very few packages flow into rivers, lakes or forests. Advanced recycling methods will be packaged into a consumer friendly new plastic products. Unfortunately, universal and well-functioning collection and recycling systems like Germany are not rare in the world. Due to the lack of systematic and consumer information, the countries of Asia and southern Europe have made huge pollution to the oceans. In the future, the community needs to make greater efforts to create a political framework for environmentally sound waste collection and, on the other, to install a large collection of packaging systems similar to those in Germany, which is one way to effectively prevent the dumping of waste into the ocean and the environment. The conclusion is well known that in the daily use of packaging materials, plastic packaging as a result of light weight and easy to dispose of the characteristics of a consumer-friendly material. However, from the environmental point of view, because of the excellent function, flexible package for a variety of goods to provide the best maintenance function, so there is no reason for plastics to be second to other flexible packaging materials, but should show their advantages. At the same time, their economic and ecological characteristics are particularly useful in modern society.

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