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The printing industry is intelligent, planning of “Internet Service Intelligent factory”

458 Published by Fast Sincere Jun 12,2018

In recent years, due to the national economy, cultural market on the rigid demand for printed matter and integration of the globalization of the world, is very strong demand in the print sector, but the printing industry’s gross margin and profit is not pessimistic.

According to the past data, the printing industry’s total annual output value exceeds 1 trillion, but there are 100,000 printing factories in China, over 3.4 million practitioners, can plant output values as long as only a mere 10 million, per capita output value is more unfortunate, only about 300,000. In the United States, per capita output can reach about 1 million. In addition, the Chinese Business Industry Research Institute issued the “2018-2023 China Printing Industry market Prospects survey and Investment opportunity Study Report” also appeared: China’s printing industry profitability can continue to land, 2016 China’s printing industry gross profit margin fell to 15.1%, 2017 a small rise, the rally 15.3%. But the printing industry did not increase profits, profit margins continued to fall, 2016 printing industry profits 8.4%, to 2017 years only 6.8%. How to boost the efficiency of the industry to adapt to the sluggish market development trend, in the face of such industry status quo, is the demand for a heavy hammer, to open up a new way. The form of “specialization platform” is the key of the printing industry the imbalance in the development of China’s economy has led to the uneven development of the region, while the printing industry, as a service industry, follows the trend of macroeconomic development, and also encounters uneven geographical development. In addition, as the price of raw materials soared, the profits of many small and medium sized printing plants were again squeezed.

Apart from the objective factors, the current operation and management of printing enterprises, the use of new technologies, there is a progress in the overall operational efficiency of space. State Press and publication SARFT issued the “Printing industry” Thirteen-Five “period to carry out planning”, put forward the future direction of printing industry-“green, digital, intelligent, blending”, under the guidance of this direction, the Sun Printing network to actively explore the new way of printing industries. The so-called “break the Bureau”, the breakthrough is the printing industry intelligent promotion on the road encountered many bottlenecks. But breakthrough in the implementation of bottlenecks encountered, not “a single printing factory internet” can be handled, but the demand platform for the operation, coupled with the development of a professional strategy.

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