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Why should the valve be installed on the aluminum foil coffee bag?

469 Published by Fast Sincere Jun 25,2018

Today let’s go into the aluminum foil coffee wrap bag.

On the reverse side of the aluminum foil coffee bag We often look at a circular sunken valve with a small hole around it. The above is complex to introduce the role of this valve. Baked coffee beans, sealed with aluminum foil bags, because of the good barrier and Paushan aluminum foil, can prevent the coffee beans and light and air contact and incur fragrance quickly distribution and oxidation. This exhaust installation is called one-way valve, also known as aluminum foil coffee bag one-way breathable valve, used to one-way out of the aluminum foil coffee bag bag of gas.

The one-way exhaust valve differs from other commodities in that the one-way exhaust valve has a strainer which can isolate the influence of the powder data on the exhaust valve while having the gas discharged from the packing bag while not letting the solid (including dust) inside the package go out, and ensuring the outside air cannot enter the bag. Since coffee is baked for a period of time it will continue to emit carbon dioxide (CO2), without a one-way valve aluminum foil coffee bag bag will be filled with gas, easy to burst, one-way valve can also be in the discharge of carbon dioxide in aluminum foil coffee bag bag of oxygen discharged, to prevent the coffee oxidation oil odor, affect the quality of coffee.

The existence of one-way valves, but also for our choice of coffee have more choices. When we buy coffee, we can squeeze the aluminum foil

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