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Do You Know What the Hole in the Coffee Bean Packaging Is?

2,364 Published by Fast Sincere Sep 26,2019

If you often buy freshly roasted coffee beans yourself, you will find that there is a button-like object on the back of the coffee bean packaging, which may have a small hole called a gas valve.

The purpose of this device is to let the carbon dioxide out of the coffee bean packaging, because the freshly roasted coffee beans must be vented, and the more appropriate statement feels like breathing.

The function of the gas valve is to help the carbon dioxide of the coffee bean to be discharged. Therefore, for the coffee bean, the gas valve is a device that allows the air to flow out, effectively slowing the aging of the coffee bean.

Do You Know What the Hole in the Coffee Bean Packaging Is

Fresh coffee beans release carbon dioxide

In the process of roasting coffee beans, the carbon dioxide in the coffee beans is released, but most of the carbon dioxide remains in the coffee beans, so the coffee beans slowly discharge the internal gas for about two weeks after baking.

At this time, if the bag containing the coffee beans does not have a gas valve to assist the venting, the coffee beans in the coffee bean packaging will continue to vent, and the bean bag will be over-expanded. If the storage environment causes squeezing, it may cause the bean bag to burst, thus destroying the preservation of the coffee beans. (It may take a long time or a few days for you to discover that the coffee beans have deteriorated because they are exposed to the air.)

Air damage to coffee quality

As mentioned at the beginning, the air valve of the coffee bag is a device that only goes out, that is, a one-way air valve. The function of the air valve, in addition to the gas that discharges the coffee beans, prevents the outside air from penetrating into the bean bag and affects the quality of the coffee beans.

We are in oxygen, humidity, temperature, which will shorten the best taste of coffee beans, while destroying the quality of coffee beans. Therefore, it is very important to discharge the internal gas without allowing air to enter.

Squeeze the bean bag and smell it?

It should be noted that when the carbon dioxide is discharged, the aroma of the coffee beans will be released in a large amount, which is why when we squeeze the coffee bag, we can smell a very good aroma from the air valve, but this smelly action is not a bean bag. The original design of the valve, because these carbon dioxide is actually one of the elements to keep the coffee beans fresh, the air pressure inside the bag can also help to raise the beans, and the extrusion action will also make the aroma of the coffee beans lose, affecting the quality of the coffee beans, so Try to avoid squeezing the coffee bag and smelling it.

Coffee Bean Packaging Air valve

In addition, the gas valve is also of high quality and low quality. When purchasing, you can confirm the gas valve used by the bean bag with the store, which can effectively maintain the freshness of the coffee!

Summary of the function of the valve

1.Moisture-proof: The coffee beans are kept dry and fragrant, and the moisture in the air does not run into the bag.

2.Buffering: When the coffee bean bag is impacted or dropped from a high place, the air in the bag can be discharged from the one-way exhaust valve, reducing the impact of residual gas in the bag and preventing the package from bursting.

3.Exhaust: After the coffee is baked, it can effectively remove the carbon dioxide in the bag and avoid the bursting of the package.

In addition, some people may have the experience of flying with coffee beans. You will find that the coffee bean bag has dried up when you get off the plane, like the packaging state of vacuum rice, which will also affect the flavor and preservation of fresh coffee, because the cabin The pressure will squeeze out the air from the coffee bean bag. At this time, just put the gas valve on the tape first, then put it into the zipper bag to protect the coffee beans with a layer of protection. Try it next time to see if it works!

Our coffee bags are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors for coffee packaging. coffee bean packaging can also be customized according to your coffee brand.

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