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Why do coffee bean bags use one-way exhaust valve packaging?

249 Published by Fast Sincere Aug 09,2019

Why are coffee bags different from other product packaging bags? Today, coffee bean packaging manufacturers tell you why.

1: Why is the coffee bean bag prone to flatulence?

Since coffee beans naturally produce carbon dioxide after baking, direct packaging tends to cause damage to the package, and prolonged exposure to air causes a loss of aroma and causes oxidation of the oil and aroma components in the coffee to cause deterioration in quality. Therefore, the packaging material of coffee beans is even more important.

2: Why should I add an exhaust valve to the coffee bean bag?

There is an exhaust valve on the bag of coffee beans. This exhaust valve is called a one-way exhaust valve. The purpose of this exhaust valve is to let the air only come out, not to enter, because the coffee beans will produce carbon dioxide after baking. The sealed bag will swell and affect the quality of the coffee beans, so a one-way venting valve must be added. Such a bag is called a one-way venting coffee bag.

As can be seen from the above two points, the coffee bean packaging bag must use a one-way exhaust valve coffee packaging bag. Is your coffee bean packaging bag selected correctly?

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