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Published by adminOct 17,2018

Film BOPP degradable film printing film bag making film

Tape film, printing film, bag making film, label film, glue-free composite film, etc. can be adde...

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Published by adminJun 25,2018

Why should the valve be installed on the aluminum foil co...

Today let’s go into the aluminum foil coffee wrap bag. On the reverse side of the aluminum ...

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Published by adminJun 12,2018

The printing industry is intelligent, planning of “...

In recent years, due to the national economy, cultural market on the rigid demand for printed mat...

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Published by adminJun 12,2018

High proportion of plastic packaging industry

Promote itself with the plastic packaging industry in the proportion of more and more large, the ...

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Published by adminJun 12,2018

The Global market of pet food packaging is growing rapidly

Both the pet food packaging market itself and its associated label and food packaging market has ...

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Published by adminJun 12,2018

Plastic Packaging printing Color processing methods

Gravure printing on flexible packaging products, printing process in the end is the color reprodu...

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Published by adminJun 12,2018

How much do you misinterpret plastic packaging? Not it po...

The general nature of plastic packaging has been plagued by the media’s one-sided negative ...

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Published by adminJun 11,2018

What details should be paid attention to in the design of...

Different products require different packaging products, which is a property of packaged goods, f...

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