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What is Worth Noting for a Qualified Food Packaging Pouch?

206 Published by Fast Sincere Nov 08,2019

Different from traditional metal cans and glass bottles, flexible packaging has gradually become one of the main packaging forms for merchandise shelf sales. The soft packaging industry and food, daily chemical and other industries have always maintained mutual development and development, such as food packaging pouch not only have to meet The ever-changing packaging needs of packaged foods can also in turn promote the development of the food industry.

Food packaging pouch are extremely common in our daily lives. They are designed to preserve food more conveniently and maintain the freshness of the food. At the same time, through the beautiful appearance of the print design, the products can be displayed to consumers and the consumers can purchase the products.

Qualified Food Packaging Pouch

A qualified food packaging pouch should not be underestimated in its quality inspection. It is necessary to ensure that the food packaging bag does not affect the quality of the food when it is in direct contact with the food.

First of all, we must pay attention to the hygienic inspection of food packaging bags. Through various tests, it is ensured that the food packaging bags encounter vinegar, wine, oil and other liquids during use, which will not precipitate residues and heavy metals, which will have adverse effects on human health, or Affect the quality of food, color, aroma and taste of packaged foods.

What is Worth Noting for a Qualified Food Packaging Pouch

Secondly, in the whole production process of food packaging pouch, we must ensure that the selected raw materials, additives, etc. meet the relevant national quality requirements, meet the food packaging requirements, and require the materials themselves to be non-toxic and will not cause harm to the human body.

Furthermore, the quality inspection of food packaging pouch is particularly important, and it is the key to protecting packaged foods intact throughout the food product circulation. During the inspection, the physical and mechanical properties such as tensile strength and elongation at break of the food packaging pouch are repeatedly tested to ensure that cracking and damage do not occur easily during formal use.



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