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Plastic Packaging printing Color processing methods

387 Published by Fast Sincere Jun 12,2018

Gravure printing on flexible packaging products, printing process in the end is the color reproduction process, and the most fundamental is the printing plates company’s image color processing technology can be perfect, can bring out customer satisfaction, more can cross the customer’s expectations of the image color. Because the customer first look at the image Color system well, gorgeous not gorgeous, compared with the original, the color is not like, and the color of his mind is not fit to judge the quality of Seihan. At the same time in the packaging art, often “far look at the color near to see the flowers, first look at the color after the flower, seven color three flower,” this fully illustrates the disposal of good plastic packaging products color is how important. Therefore, put forward the guidance thought and method is: according to the plastic packaging printing color theory, and fully carry forward the method of gravure printing technology and meet people’s thinking color requirements of the concept, combined with the color characteristics of commodity packaging products, according to the color configuration criteria, according to the gravure process rules to discontinue color disposal. Inhibit the current many operators just look at the screen color casual, blind color, and sometimes the lemon color is also orange color, constitute a time to rework. Therefore, it is important to master the 10 methods and essentials of color disposal.

Color saturation of the disposal of how to match the saturation, is an important part of color disposal, because customers require the color of their products saturated gorgeous even sometimes the requirements of very harsh conditions. In practice in the disposal can be the same amount of tightening a variety of colors may be in the loss of a part of the color based on strengthen the other part of the color, sometimes make the saturation of all colors adhere to the balance, should be based on the original content and the color of the main body to deal with, and master the following: The depth of the basic color to do a variety of field color blocks such as white, green, such as blue field words, signs and other patterns and do not require the depth of the basic color to do enough, ordinary customers on these signs color, are demanding thick, thick, gorgeous. Therefore, the use of 100% will be done 100% field, in order to fully develop gravure printing ink maximum field density limit, can not be made 90% or 95%, although 90% and 95% of the dot after printing extended 100%, but this and 100% field printing when the effect is not the same, 90% Dot only in 90% of the dot area within the density of the arrival of the field, and the expansion of 5% or 10% areas, although there is ink, but the ink is thin, density can not reach the field density effect, so from the visual down, 90% or 95% of the dot expansion of 100% of the ink density is not 100% of the field density that thick, gorgeous.

Adhere to the depth of the basic color of the level

  1. The depth of the basic color of the dot-tone range for 65%-90%,80% above is gravure printing dot expansion area, easy to form a level and level.
  2. With regard to the basic color of the demand hierarchy in the region, emphasis should be placed on the full extent of saturation of the field, pay attention to adhere to the depth of the basic color level, can not emphasize the field density drink and foot, and constitute the depth of the basic color level and level, also can not pay attention to the depth of the basic color level, and the impact of the lack of degree of drinking. Disposal essentials, to the demand level of the depth of the basic color over shallow, so that with the field density distance, so as to reach the stone effect. Need to be aware of the best saturation configuration of red, green and blue. According to gravure printing, table printing ink characteristics, red, green, blue optimal saturation configuration: white =m95% y80%; green =y95% c80%; Blue =c90% m75%

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